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Riku: It was already under my email address, so I kept it. Thought it was funny people assumed my gender. (I was like 12, so logic was limited.) Oct 20, 2019 23:21:43 GMT -6
Riku: I forgot about Subeta. I preferred Rescreatu, but they locked me out of my account cuz I used a female username. /: It wasn’t a gender identity thing really. I made the account for my best friend at the time who was female. Then she decided not to use it. Oct 20, 2019 23:20:43 GMT -6
Jack: *salute* Oct 20, 2019 17:45:40 GMT -6
Ashe: Jack, you're up Oct 20, 2019 17:31:15 GMT -6
Ashe: This is my avatar, a zombie siren Oct 20, 2019 16:46:15 GMT -6
Renathan: I haven't been able to get into my account in a while. I might need to try pretty soon. Oct 20, 2019 16:37:02 GMT -6
Ashe: Anyone still play Subeta? >> I'm finally remembering to be active on there for Morostide Oct 20, 2019 16:31:56 GMT -6
Ashe: That won't work, that would break the drake for /that person/ and still not her. Oct 20, 2019 14:17:34 GMT -6
fieraferella: Could someone else break your sarane for you and then return it to you? Oct 20, 2019 14:14:31 GMT -6
Amelia: Ugh I have zero interest in breaking a Sarane xD I just thought he'd get plantified and I could play with him. Blah this sucks Oct 20, 2019 11:26:23 GMT -6
Renathan: I thought it was an accident. :3 I've done stuff like that too! Oct 20, 2019 7:58:14 GMT -6
Lethalia: Wow, I like how I can mark fifteen posts as September without something clicking. Derp. *ahem* Oct 20, 2019 7:53:21 GMT -6
Darky: attack each other. So if more than one altered pet of the same alteration type battle each other, the battle would be.. kinda over before it even began x3 Oct 20, 2019 3:38:32 GMT -6 *
Darky: battling a little difficult). Tournament-wise, that one's up to the mods. Altered pets technically don't get any upper hand, though in case of Blessing of the Shadows it does create that unfortunate situation where two creatures with the ability cant Oct 20, 2019 3:38:28 GMT -6
Darky: As for sarane needing to be broken, I'd say yes under normal circumstances, unless the character specifically asks the alteration to include something to make the creature more docile (but that would come with stats reflecting that which would make Oct 20, 2019 3:37:29 GMT -6
Darky: Procreation serum is more 'traditional' in its method, which means the altered pet has to be able to physically produce or carry the offspring (so Nightmare couldn't be used for this process, since she's basically a skeleton with no womb) Oct 20, 2019 3:35:44 GMT -6
Darky: Yes if its paid breedings, depends if its Procreation serum. Paid breedings are 'lab' breedings, which basically means smushing DNA artificially and any 'altered' pet can still breed normally within its species Oct 20, 2019 3:34:47 GMT -6
Aster: Oh yeah, I remember just looking at those the other day in the stats thread. Dunno why it slipped my mind Oct 20, 2019 0:29:07 GMT -6
Ashe: I mean, it's still up to Darky for the most part, it was Yang who did Equillion, but it has been done Oct 20, 2019 0:24:49 GMT -6
Ashe: Darky bred Nightmare, her Undeadified Tainted, to another equillion. Oct 20, 2019 0:24:12 GMT -6