Fiera Ferella: You absolutely got the vibe I was going for when designing them lmaooooooooo Dec 2, 2022 9:21:17 GMT -6
Fiera Ferella: Oh my god Alma that drawing is freaking AMAZING. XD Dec 2, 2022 9:21:01 GMT -6
Silver: The Winter Solstice contest will start taking entries as of the 1st! :D Make sure to get in if you want those unique prizes! Nov 27, 2022 17:55:55 GMT -6
Renathan: What a neat development! :3 Nov 24, 2022 15:34:25 GMT -6
Riku: So excited to someday make a mind crystal monster. -drool- Thanks again for the new goal, Silver. <3 Also, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m so grateful for this community and magical world. :’) Nov 24, 2022 13:37:16 GMT -6
Renathan: I cackled, that is amazing Alma! Nov 20, 2022 1:17:20 GMT -6
Alma: They all look rad.Think my pick was pretty easy for me though. Nov 19, 2022 20:16:53 GMT -6 *
Fiera Ferella: No problem!! They came out so very anime. XD I'm looking forward to seeing which ones everyone picks! Nov 18, 2022 6:41:02 GMT -6
Riku: Gee, thanks for doing such a great job on those. It’s hard to choose! >.< I’ll probably just decide later on when I’m back in the swing of things and inspired… Nov 17, 2022 0:12:16 GMT -6
Morgan: The Sparkulves look great FF! :3 Thank you for all the hard work on them. c: Nov 16, 2022 19:00:17 GMT -6 *
Twilight-Claw: roleplayer too right? I feel that is the most important thing to have on the site when your writing your own short stories with your character and pets. :) Nov 16, 2022 15:43:01 GMT -6
Twilight-Claw: Life happens, I haven't been posting all that much either these past few months, so I am more than happy to just see people visit the site. And Fiera? Don't feel guilty about not contributing anything, I mean, your here to have fun on the site itself as a Nov 16, 2022 15:40:33 GMT -6
Fiera Ferella: Yeah sorry, I've been stupidly busy lately and art block has made me... really guilty to be hanging around here while not contributing anything. :-S Looking to get back into the saddle soon though! Nov 16, 2022 9:44:18 GMT -6
Jack: Life has been absolute chaos this year guys ;-; sorry I've been quiet for so long! I'm hoping I'll start things up again here in a month or two, we'll see. I might post something later if I remember, there's a lot that's gone on. Nov 16, 2022 8:18:04 GMT -6
Flare: Moving and lurking discord Nov 12, 2022 23:42:42 GMT -6
Alma: Think most folks are on the discord if you are looking for more activity or anyone in particular. Nov 12, 2022 0:08:42 GMT -6
Morgan: Still doing artwork offsite these days, myself. c: Nov 11, 2022 13:27:13 GMT -6
Riku: (Where is everyone?) Nov 11, 2022 9:40:42 GMT -6
Twilight-Claw: Hope Halloween was fun for everyone, I only celebrated it with the google game that was up for Halloween. X3 Nov 1, 2022 16:40:44 GMT -6
Morgan: Happy Halloween to you too, Flare! Oct 31, 2022 5:24:09 GMT -6
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