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Flare: Yes it was. Jan 20, 2020 21:39:56 GMT -6
Morgan: Phew, that doesn't sound fun at all. 0.0 Forgot it was a three-day weekend. Jan 20, 2020 21:36:49 GMT -6
Flare: Finally off work. Closing in mobile retail on a three day weekend isn’t fun. Jan 20, 2020 21:29:35 GMT -6
Jack: *dances* Jan 20, 2020 21:25:36 GMT -6
Renathan: (Also that's perfectly fine Allo and doesn't hurt anything at all.) Jan 20, 2020 20:46:39 GMT -6
Renathan: But in story, Patronne/Matronne are the sexes for breeding purposes and don't have anything to do with traditional female/male binary stuff. Jan 20, 2020 20:45:48 GMT -6 *
Renathan: Patronne and Matronne are like, made up words that make it to where there is an added layer of difficulty in finding mates (drakes/hens, orbs/no orbs, slits/pollen) while being open for people's stories/character stuff. Jan 20, 2020 20:44:16 GMT -6
Allo: I think I'm gonna, personally, play them as genderless as pups, kinda like how some birds and reptiles can't be sexed until a certain age in real life Jan 20, 2020 20:44:13 GMT -6
Renathan: Since we don't actually roleplay 'what happens' during fade to black scenes due to PG rulings, there's no reason to specify 'how the act happens' and that basically makes pronouns kinda... More of a story thing than a functionality thing. Jan 20, 2020 20:41:37 GMT -6
Renathan: You can pretty much do whatever you'd like with that. :3 Matronne/Patronne don't really have any pronouns attached. Pronouns are like, whatever you want for any reason and aren't attached to Matronne/Patronne. Jan 20, 2020 20:39:48 GMT -6
Allo: Sounds like its perfectly valid to play your Houluh as being neuter until marked, or just pick masculine or feminine pronouns then either switch upon marking or stick with the same trained under? Jan 20, 2020 20:38:45 GMT -6
Renathan: This separates gender from breeding sex for those people that have stories or something. Jan 20, 2020 20:36:51 GMT -6
Renathan: So you can have a houluh you can 'girl'/'female'/'she' or they/them and they could be either Matronne or Patronne (it doesn't really matter it's only for breeding). Basically, gotta have one of both (A Matronne and a Patronne) for a breeding. Jan 20, 2020 20:36:19 GMT -6 *
Renathan: Not really? Basically, you can say your critter is whatever gender you want. Jan 20, 2020 20:35:06 GMT -6
Flare: For those of us who aren't fluent in what language, patronee is male and matronne is female? Jan 20, 2020 20:34:33 GMT -6
Flare: OH Jan 20, 2020 20:33:22 GMT -6
Morgan: Random pups are obtained through use of the Token of Fidelity. Jan 20, 2020 20:23:03 GMT -6
Morgan: The Adoption Agency is not stocked with Random pups at all. It only hosts the 'third' (unpicked and donated) pup from people's breedings. Jan 20, 2020 20:22:51 GMT -6
Flare: Please let us know when you stoxk up the adoption agency Jan 20, 2020 20:16:51 GMT -6
Renathan: :3 I'll be excited to make some pups for folks. Jan 20, 2020 19:50:26 GMT -6