Training Applications


Riku: The breeding center update sounds really awesome for the peeps who use it often. :) Sept 24, 2020 11:57:51 GMT -6
Kadin: Eeeee~ I'm so excited to finally be able to grow my first houluh! I've been holding onto this guy for SO LONG!! Sept 22, 2020 16:32:48 GMT -6
Kadin: Well. If my training gets approved AND my kids grow in time I can join the salonne. =3= Sept 22, 2020 13:30:40 GMT -6
Jack: I bet you'll do excellent Sept 21, 2020 13:32:25 GMT -6
Sevyrn: I figured since I went out of my way to grow her I may as well :v Sept 21, 2020 13:30:26 GMT -6
Jack: Thanks! I can't wait to see him <3 Sept 21, 2020 13:30:24 GMT -6
Kadin: Ah, crap. Too soon for me. I hope your houluh gets grown in time! Sept 21, 2020 13:30:13 GMT -6
Jack: I think registration ends the 25th Sept 21, 2020 13:29:55 GMT -6
Kadin: Oh that's not bad at all. Maybe I'll bang out enough posts to grow one of my pups and see if I can enter too xD How many days left? Sept 21, 2020 13:29:39 GMT -6
Jack: 3 at minimum Sept 21, 2020 13:28:57 GMT -6
Kadin: What's the minimum number of people for a contest? I forget Sept 21, 2020 13:28:44 GMT -6
Jack: They're just like contests! I was going to enter with Arvest but I'm not sure he'll be grown in time. At least Sevyrn's entered with Sweetie though! Sept 21, 2020 13:26:04 GMT -6
Kadin: Dunno yet! I honestly haven't read ANYTHING about them yet Sept 21, 2020 13:23:58 GMT -6
Jack: I feel ya. Are you going to enter a Salonne you think? Sept 21, 2020 13:23:30 GMT -6
Kadin: Maaaan I have NO motivation to RP today... besides... growing my puppies. They will be big and strong and beautiful some day.... ;w; Sept 21, 2020 13:20:51 GMT -6
Haix: I can imagine. Sept 16, 2020 18:48:14 GMT -6
Riku: It’s come up once or twice in short, but there was a convo about it around a week ago that was quite thrilling. ;) Sept 16, 2020 18:14:56 GMT -6
Haix: This suggestion thread makes me kind of wish I had not left the discord channel. That would have been an interesting conversation. Sept 16, 2020 17:17:55 GMT -6 *
Kristofor: Now that I want to see happen. Sept 16, 2020 10:27:44 GMT -6
Morgan: Now I'm just imagining a red devil driving a soapbox derby cart all like 'I'mma gonna WIN'. Sept 15, 2020 19:28:51 GMT -6