Riku: It almost feels too good to be true! 😆😍 Jun 8, 2023 13:48:20 GMT -6
Silver: I am so excited to be DONE with the battle revamp, lmao. I hope you guys like it. We also got the chance to add some stuff that's been long asked for, too. Jun 6, 2023 17:28:18 GMT -6
Alma: Same here, can’t wait. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things beforehand and doing some of the Summer Fair tasks. Jun 6, 2023 11:13:20 GMT -6
Riku: Love that the staff have been working on a combat revamp. :) Super cool and exciting. I hope I’m active by the time the beta tourney happens. Jun 6, 2023 0:21:26 GMT -6
Fiera Ferella: We've got some fun prizes planned for it. :3 Jun 5, 2023 18:44:45 GMT -6
Riku: Summer Fair…!? Looks awesome! I wonder what the exclusive prizes will be. Maybe this’ll finally give me the muse I need to get back in (starting with updating all ‘paperwork’ type stuff…) Jun 4, 2023 3:11:07 GMT -6
Silver: For Stars I have the creature I as going to enter last year but didn't have time to train... for Silv, I'm not sure yet, they have plenty that qualifies. Jun 2, 2023 18:25:27 GMT -6
Alma: New contest sounds interesting, and the prize looks cool. Anyone have plans for their entry? Jun 2, 2023 11:30:45 GMT -6 *
Silver: Ah man missed ya by a couple of hours~ Glad to hear you're still alive old friend. May 15, 2023 2:58:46 GMT -6
Riku: Welcome back. <3 Plan to stick around a bit? Did you say hello in the more active discord? May 15, 2023 2:19:35 GMT -6 *
opal: Took me a hot minute to remember the last username I used here given I've been Pre, Zen, Guest, Reign, etc xD May 15, 2023 0:25:54 GMT -6
opal: Alcohol/nostalgia is one heck of a combo... Leading me down this internet rabbit hole <3 May 15, 2023 0:24:38 GMT -6
Twilight-Claw: That was something I noticed. <3 May 9, 2023 15:01:44 GMT -6
Yang: other poll-contestants May emerge later, or be re-entered in a future poll..whom knows! :B May 9, 2023 14:16:08 GMT -6
Yang: There were a few ties in the polls- happy to pick her for polishing! 0: May 9, 2023 14:15:01 GMT -6
Twilight-Claw: Super awesome that the Mosca earned its place on there as well. <3 May 9, 2023 13:39:08 GMT -6
Fiera Ferella: Yup!! I know people use it for kennel and journal decoration if nothing else, so I wanted to be sure everyone had the heads up :3 Apr 22, 2023 10:25:55 GMT -6
Twilight-Claw: Thanks for that announcement Fiera Ferella! Hadn't known they were going to do that so I definitely will be saving and reviewing things for a while with it. :3 Apr 22, 2023 1:08:23 GMT -6
Fiera Ferella: *eats sidewalk because I totally intended on joining lightning round I just completely forgot the due date * I would like another elemental one OTL I thought it was a super fun concept I’m just a dummy Apr 20, 2023 10:47:16 GMT -6
Silver: What kind of contest would you guys like to do next? A stats one, an element one, or an 'appearance' one (like cute)? Apr 17, 2023 17:40:10 GMT -6
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