#00 - Wild Babies


Jack: Not a problem, gratz! Apr 14, 2021 17:34:59 GMT -6
Lethalia: Aww yee, love this hen. :D Thanks for all of the Ivaylo fights, Jack! Apr 14, 2021 17:31:26 GMT -6
Silver: Hey guys I know some of the free breedings have been waiting longer than usual, just letting you know that I'm aware and I'm working on it! :3 Apr 14, 2021 5:58:00 GMT -6
Riku: I appreciate that. ;) Apr 12, 2021 18:44:24 GMT -6
Silver: Yea over time I realized that people either ignored or resented a lot of the lore anyway, so I've mostly just figured, eh, if you want to play, do what you want. I'd rather have you around than yell at you for your plot points. Apr 12, 2021 16:31:50 GMT -6
Alma: If it helps, this version feels like it changed/removed a lot of the old fluff and is a great deal more free-form now. Could probably make up whatever to make your OC's reach the city and fit in somewhat so long as they aren't from something like Halo. Apr 12, 2021 12:49:24 GMT -6 *
Yang: i feel like its a real challenge to bring in OC's when the Story-story of the labs is a big 'ol question mark; i get the idea/Sense of the labs' story; to make beasts that are Cool and Powerful, but beyond that its all '? ? ?' ; to me atleast :B Apr 12, 2021 10:30:40 GMT -6 *
Kadin: Hah, same, I still haven't finished Kadin's intro back to the labs plot area thread even tho I've been back for months now Apr 12, 2021 7:26:36 GMT -6
Silver: To be honest, I write most of my prologues much later, if ever haha. Apr 11, 2021 21:52:35 GMT -6
Riku: A lot of my pets have prologues that need to be written still.....but I could technically write those later as flashbacks in the plot area. Apr 11, 2021 21:06:34 GMT -6
Riku: I look forward to seeing stuff come about. Long-plans for six months to a year or two in the future are things I'm open to! Apr 11, 2021 21:06:00 GMT -6 *
Riku: I love Alma's ideas for the boss fights. I'd really enjoy participating, but I just don't know if I'm currently qualified with my very little actual training experience and lack of muse lately... Apr 11, 2021 21:05:30 GMT -6
Kadin: ... Heck, I should train up SEVERAL teams of gallor, lol Apr 11, 2021 20:07:31 GMT -6
Kadin: I'd like to train a group of vulti or other pets up in the future, but I'll probs run the fights with my currently trained pets, too, until those others are trained up Apr 11, 2021 20:07:09 GMT -6
Noa: I doubt anyone is gonna want to tag team with me anyhow XD Apr 11, 2021 0:13:25 GMT -6
Noa: I'll probably be solo-ing the Pit ones, at least... Mostly because I'm not as interested in the points as I am in gaining levels on specific pets. And since my PLs are so high, I'd bring down the point earnings, so Apr 11, 2021 0:13:16 GMT -6
Riku: Maybe that can be one of the 'bosses'. Like a group of Vulti. Apr 10, 2021 19:49:54 GMT -6
Jack: Yeah I really liked the idea. Apr 10, 2021 19:12:13 GMT -6
Alma: I really like the idea of pack instincts coming into play with a pack of beasts that can be seen as thematically linked to a boss. XD Apr 10, 2021 19:08:50 GMT -6
Alma: I figure most players will want to solo through a few fights with their stronger pets first, if for no other reason than to make the fights go faster, but I'll probably ask around for that sort of team again later. Apr 10, 2021 19:07:49 GMT -6