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Battle Moderator: honestly i think it was a typo, i dont think i would have messed up the actual math THAT badly Jun 20, 2024 20:38:16 GMT -6
Flare: Yeah... that is a LOT of damage. Thats fine Jun 20, 2024 18:55:54 GMT -6
Flare: -curiously reads the fight- homygod Jun 20, 2024 18:55:35 GMT -6
Zenjesi: Lol it's totally fine. Unless I get lucky with rolls I don't think it would change anything to leave it as is, but I appreciate the fix!! xD Jun 20, 2024 15:02:01 GMT -6
Battle Moderator: IM SO SORRY Jun 20, 2024 14:56:38 GMT -6
Battle Moderator: " a little off" ZENJESI I TOOK A WHOLE 10 EXTRA HP OFF OH MY GOD- Jun 20, 2024 14:56:34 GMT -6
Battle Moderator: i will double check! Jun 20, 2024 14:55:41 GMT -6
Zenjesi: In the Moxie/Lumi fight, I think Lumi's HP-remaining math is a little off. I don't think it will be enough for him to win by any means, but just in case! Jun 20, 2024 14:41:28 GMT -6
Twilight-Claw: Flare, I hope it is okay I am assuming in the battle Lisan has burnt fur and flesh (not mentioned anywhere specific) with that attack. Can still change it if you want, but that was a massive hit and I needed to give Sev a reason for getting closer. ^^; Jun 20, 2024 13:33:59 GMT -6 *
Twilight-Claw: I only noticed there was a Kito growth when I saw Silver's newest FVSC, Thought for a moment there they could be ordered in a new adult form. x3 Jun 20, 2024 12:28:27 GMT -6
Zenjesi: I had the same thought, Riku. My sense of time was shattered. xD; Jun 20, 2024 12:25:14 GMT -6
Riku: I thought we just had a Kito growth, but that was already a year and a half ago…! Jun 20, 2024 9:51:31 GMT -6
Twilight-Claw: Big scary teef yeah. xD Jun 20, 2024 9:23:12 GMT -6
Silver: No arms, only teefs! Jun 20, 2024 5:47:16 GMT -6
Twilight-Claw: Ok, the old stage of the Kito is awesome! But for some reason, I just keep looking for tiny arms with it! Love the art Yang! xD Jun 20, 2024 5:07:32 GMT -6
Silver: Now you get more points and you can use those points on level vouchers. :3 Jun 19, 2024 1:03:19 GMT -6
Twilight-Claw: Thanks for letting us know about it! Jun 18, 2024 23:17:06 GMT -6
Twilight-Claw: That's too bad, the level gaining after the fights was always a nice bonus. ^.^ Jun 18, 2024 23:16:13 GMT -6
Xentus: Aw shame, I liked gettin battle levels xd Jun 18, 2024 23:04:39 GMT -6
Fiera Ferella: Ohh yeah those. Yes, those were something we were planning on scrapping with the new system. Jun 18, 2024 20:53:16 GMT -6
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